Pushing themselves against mental and physical boundaries in pursuit of their best performance are OPUK’s ambassadors…
One Performance UK | Personal Training Gym and Clinic | Richmond London | Perri Shakes-Drayton | www.oneperformanceuk.com.jpg

Olympian, European Indoor Champion, World Indoor Gold Medalist

‘I got in touch with One Performance UK following a quad injury that required surgery. I received great care from OPUK’s Sports Physio and am now progressing to work with the strength team who I believe have the expertise to help make me stronger in the weight room carrying over to my athletic performance. Injuries have been a major disruption in my career so I am looking forward to developing the robustness I need to allow my career to progress once more, glad to be on board.’

Perri is to make an appearance at an OPUK event soon, drop us an email to be included in the invite.

ne Performance UK | Personal Training Gym and Clinic | Richmond London | James Ellington | www.oneperformanceuk.com.jpg

Two-time Olympian and European Gold Medallist

‘As an Olympic Sprinter, I need to work with training teams that are both professional and highly experienced. I also need elite facilities that aren’t found in many mainstream training centres or gyms.
Whether it’s recovering from injury to training my body for peak performance, I found what I needed at One Performance UK.’

James will be contributing to our World Speak Series.
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