Steroids - really?

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Steroids, according to reports today, there are one million steroid users in the UK today.

I’d estimate that in reality the numbers are way higher. Recreational steroid use is rife amongst male gym goers who it seems would go to any lengths purely, it seems, for vanity.

Take Spencer Matthews, former reality TV star who was booted off ‘I’m A Celebrity’ for taking steroids. Spencer proudly attributed his significant transformation to hard work and discipline until his public fall from grace. Spencer appeared on ITVs Good Morning Britain this morning in a feature about recreational steroid use in the UK (worth a watch), prompting this post. Spencer is clearly attempting to wash the slate clean and come up smelling of roses by adopting a role of misguided and innocent celebrity now role model to clean fitness enthusiasts. Piers Morgan, however, brilliantly tied him up in a knot exposing Spencer’s weak excuses during the interview.

I can just about understand (NOT condone) professional athletes using PEDs, commercial demands mean that they come under enormous pressure to reach superhuman performances to entertain the viewers and secure sponsorships.

But for your average Joe who has a regular job and trains down his local facility, to risk both physical and mental health just to attempt to get a torso that he feels will impress his peers and perhaps gain some Insta followers is monumentally unfathomable to my simple mind. And sad. Has society really got us that obsessed with pecs and six pacs as the ultimate accessory?

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Magazines chasing sales, supplement companies wanting sales and newspapers are all responsible, movie characters demanding super buff leads (yes your favourite Hollywood icon smashes anabolics pre movie to look like that, not by consuming mega diets and training 15 x week).

There’s no such thing as a ‘Natural’ bodybuilding federation, but their main stars do sell an awful lot of protein powder and online workout programmes, so they will always exist…
As a personal trainer and HEALTH professional, you are supposed to be promoting HEALTH
But my BIGGEST issue by far…..?


P*sses me RIGHT off.

1. Some of these guys have tens of thousands of followers and have managed to become extremely influential, particularly to naive but super keen average Joes.

2. They NEVER admit/ promote their own personal use of steroids, and in some cases this can be in eye watering doses.

3. They use their ‘impressive’ physiques to snare clients and gain attention and adulation.

4. They don’t seem to have ANY morals whatsoever.

5. It makes my job as an honest coach a damn site harder.

6. It’s not just the guys, if your favourite female fitness guru has a year round six pac, 3d delts and questionable bass levels when she speaks then it’s not her $99 programmes and Nutribullet that make her look like that. Clenbuterol and anavar are the steroid of choice for girls in the fitness industry who’s bodies are worshiped by millions. These steroids are subtle in their effects on muscle building but potent fat burners, making them the choice for female celebrity trainers and female celebrity attention seekers.

7. As a personal trainer and HEALTH professional, you are supposed to be promoting HEALTH, not a word I would use about anyone who injects drugs.

There are of course many honest, truly natural fitness professionals out there, my comrades… Perhaps the only answer here is for new clients sitting in an initial consultation to abruptly ask their prospective PT if they inject and see if they flap like Spencer Matthews….

Mike Burt

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