What is Strongman Training and Why Is It Unbeatable For Fat Loss?

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Strongman training is growing in popularity in gyms and performance centres as gym owners and personal trainers turn to this style of training to get maximum results from their clients. Many facilities are being bespoke designed to be able to fully utilise the strongman style of training with large turfed areas or tracks being incorporated into the floorspace along with specialist kit such as prowlers, sleds and farmers handles.

We as personal trainers know just how effective this style of training can be across many training modalities, particularly fat loss, so here’s what you need to know:

  • Calling it ‘Strongman’ is misleading, as neither is it necessarily testing maximal strength, or limited to men! The exercises commonly used in Strongman training are borrowed or adapted from true Strongman events that have been popular for decades and made household names of Geoff Capes and Eddie Hall. The exercises often involve carrying, pushing or dragging loads over distances which create elevated heart rates rather than strength gains. True strength gains occur when lifting maximal loads at 6 reps or less.
  • Carrying, pushing or dragging stuff requires the body to involve pretty much every major muscle in one combined effort, both upper and lower, in order to carry out the task, which produces not only sky high heart rates very quickly, but also carry an enormous calorie cost.
  • Strongman disciplines generally require you to move heavy objects around for relatively short distances, putting you squarely in the lactate training zone which we know is associated with considerable fat metabolism, it is included in the H.I.I.T bracket. (High Intensity Interval Training).
  • Loaded carries in particular are tremendously good at enhancing core strength, hip stability and general athleticism whilst torching calories, you don’t get that from a spin class.
  • Strongman training is highly adaptable by changing loads and distances, and also relatively low impact making it ideal for all levels of fitness and abilities, you don’t need to be strong to start!
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Keep an accurate food diary including everything you eat and drink
Expect to get very fit if regularly using strongman training in your workouts, and along with a good diet it can be one of the most effective ways of getting lean, very quickly.

Athletic Strongman classes are a mixed ability class hosted at One Performance UK Richmond for small groups of up to eight people per class for maximum coach contact. The strongman kit and turfed area is also often used during personal training sessions. To book either a group class or personal training session, contact us on info@oneperformanceuk.com

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