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One Performance UK | Events | Mindset For Success |

with Luke Tyburski

Thu November 29th 2018
19:30pm – 21:00pm

"Learn how to live outside your comfort zone and achieve more in life."

Luke Tyburski doesn’t see limits, views failing as positive, and has completed some of the world’s most extreme ultra-endurance challenges. He has run through the Sahara Desert, down Mt Everest, and across a tropical Chinese forest without food, water, money, and with a plane to catch. His first ever triathlon was a double Ironman distance event in Snowdonia National Park, taking him 35 non-stop hours to complete. Luke followed this with a self created, world first, 2000 kilometre in 12 day Ultimate Triathlon from Morocco to Monaco. Formerly a professional footballer until injury cut short his career, and someone who has battled with depression for over a decade, Luke has had his fair share of struggles both physically and mentally.

Join us at One Performance to hear some of Luke’s ultra-endurance stories and how to build your own Mindset for Success!

One Performance UK | Events | Handstand Workshop |

with Philippe Bolle

Sat September 15th 2018
2:30pm – 4:30pm

OPUK Senior coach Philippe delivers a masterful workshop, have you always wanted to learn..?

Handstands are amazing for shoulder health and improving shoulder, forearm and wrist strength in a closed-chain context. They'll improve your body control and proprioception, and there's something very satisfying in learning a new skill.

Philippe goes through the theory of the handstand (body position, anatomy etc) before learning strengthening drills specific to handstand. Then you'll play with some balance drills (using the wall or partners for assistance), difference handstand entries and then the free-standing handstand.


with Isabella Von Weissenberg & Jim Elli

Sat September 8th 2018
2pm – 7pm

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM: Theoretical Presentations

Developing Your Powerlifting Mindset with Isabella von Weissenberg featuring: Mental skills training and it’s practical implementation, Goal setting, Competition mindset, Strategies for maintaining high levels of motivation, Handling setbacks and Managing emotions and performance anxiety.

Powerlifting Training Principles with RTS coach Jim Elli featuring: Powerlifting Training Principles, Utilizing RPE and Auto-Regulation, In Depth Analysis of Isabella’s Training, Exercise Selection Programming and The Coaching Process.

3:30 PM - 7:00 PM: Training Session with RTS Coach Jim Elli and Isabella Von Weissenberg

Featuring: Demonstration on squat, bench and deadlift, One on one coaching for each lift, Technique analysis and Specific exercise recommendations to improve future training

One Performance UK | Personal Training Gym and Clinic | Richmond London | Events | Bill Kazmaier |

Sat March 31st 2018
15:00 – 19:00

Bill Kazmaier is coming to OPUK Richmond to share his unique and valuable knowledge and training techniques on all things strength.

World champion powerlifter, world champion strongman, and widely regarded as open of the all-time greatest ever strength competitors, Bill is taking time out from his Giants Live tour to deliver a brilliant strength seminar on both powerlifting and strongman here in our bespoke built 4000sqft performance facility.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to come and learn from the best!

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