Will Girling presents One Nutrition, bespoke services at One Performance UK.
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If you’d like that extra special level of attention, detailed analysis and programming, then check out One Nutrition, our next level personal nutrition service to guarantee success.

Available to all, if you’re set on losing stubborn body fat, chasing maximum performance for a race, or struggling to gain muscle mass, we can help.

With a masters in Sports Nutrition and regular contributions to the UK’s biggest fitness magazines, OPUK’s in house nutritionist Will Girling runs a weekly clinic at the facility and is available for the following bespoke, personal nutrition services. Will has over a decade of experience working with general populations, elite athletes and international teams.

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Bespoke, detailed coaching just for you that takes the guess work out of your nutrition with a step by step process that produces results.
Personalised nutrition plan tailored to your goals, calories and macros fully defined
Weekly coaching calls
Regular face to face meetings at OPUK
Weekly updates and a periodised plan
Daily accountably and support from Will via phone calls and private messages
Access to your own, private online members area to allow you to track progress.
(Access possible for your OPUK personal trainer for next level teamwork)
A library of resources and learning material
24/7 message support
3 MONTH SUPPORT - £199/month

6 MONTH SUPPORT - £175/month
For groups of four or more friends, training buddies or race teams, small group nutritional support offers all the same benefits of the one on one package but for less.
Tailored calorie and macro breakdown
Access to exclusive members area
Bi weekly 1-2-1 call with each individual
Monthly group conference call
3 MONTH (MIN) SUPPORT - £99/month
Are you a committed amateur or competitive racer, or maybe just someone that loves stats!

Will has access to the professional lab at the London Sport Institute, Middlesex, and can arrange you to have the following high spec tests
VO2 Max
Lactate Threshold
Dexa Body Composition
Resting Metabolic Rate
Fat Max

Sound good?

Get in touch with us to book your FREE on boarding call to discuss the benefits of One Nutrition with Will himself to make sure it’s right for you.